path for a sustainable future

Welcome to the Onondaga County Sustainable Development Plan!


A Message from the County Executive
Thank you for visiting our Sustainable Development Plan website. Our land use patterns and infrastructure investments play a big part in how sustainable we can be as a region. Good land use planning helps to preserve natural areas, improve air and water quality, create walkable communities, support transit, reduce energy usage and improve livability for our residents.


The Onondaga County Sustainable Development Plan will seek public input in a variety of ways to determine a preferred future vision for our community and then identify the steps necessary to achieve that vision to make our County a great place to live today and for future generations.

I encourage you to get involved in the Plan. Whether you prefer to attend a meeting, take a survey, watch a video, or provide comments on our website, there will be many different opportunities for citizens of Onondaga County to get involved and help shape the future of our County.

Please return to this site often to provide comments, learn about upcoming public meetings, review draft materials as they become available, and use the resources that result from this planning effort. Also, please sign up for our e-newsletter so you can stay informed as the Plan progresses.

Please join us on a path to a sustainable future.

Joanie Mahoney
Onondaga County Executive