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CHOOSE OUR FUTURE Virtual Open House

The Virtual Open House Survey has been closed.

We need your help setting a direction for the future of Onondaga County. The Sustainable Development Plan is making use of an exciting new tool in the world of urban planning – scenario modeling. This tool is an effective way for planners and citizens to begin to understand the relationships between the different policy choices we make and the resulting impacts to our communities through the use of alternate future development scenarios. Two development scenarios have been developed as part of this exercise:

  • Future A – Our current trend, pace and pattern of growth that we’ve been experiencing over the past several decades, projected into the future;
  • Future B – A pattern of future development and infill that reflects Smart Growth principles.

To identify the costs and benefits of each development scenario, we have developed a series of 21 measurable factors. We need you to choose which development scenario you prefer for each of these factors. For example, you might prefer how the Future A scenario measures up against one factor, but then prefer the Future B scenario for another. Once the voting has ended, we will gather up all of the results and combine all of the preferences into a final Preferred Scenario from which recommendations, strategies and policies will developed.

How to Vote

Here’s how the voting works:

  • To better organize the factors, each was placed into one of 9 categories, or elements (see Elements of Sustainable Development for more information about each of the 9 elements). When you click on the “Choose Our Future” button below, you will be taken to the voting page for the first element – Infrastructure & Land Use.
  • Once here, review the charts decide which scenario you prefer for each factor. After submitting your votes, click on the “Next Element” action button to proceed. Be sure to click “VOTE” for each individual factor, otherwise your votes will not be submitted.
  • Once you have worked your way through the 9 elements, you will be asked to select 5 factors that you feel are of the greatest importance to you and to Onondaga County.
  • Finally, you will be asked to choose which of the actual development scenarios you prefer – Future A or Future B.

Now that we have a better idea about how the Virtual Open House works, let’s get started!

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