path for a sustainable future


If you’re looking for a map, document, or presentation associated with the Sustainable Development Plan, then you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of the Resources section is to provide a repository for information associated with this planning effort.


Existing Conditions

A community cannot plan for its future without first understanding its past. This includes celebrating the positives, acknowledging the negatives and building from both. The purpose of the Existing Conditions analysis is to understand how demographic trends and features of the natural and built environments in Onondaga County relate to current and future conditions. The results of the analysis provides the baseline conditions for the Scenario Model and helped to guide the development of strategies and recommendations found in the Action Plan.


Map Gallery

The Map Gallery provides a growing one-stop-shop for all mapping efforts related to the Sustainable Development Plan. Inside the gallery one can find maps developed as part of the Existing Conditions analysis and the Scenario Modeling effort, as well as links to other relevant mapping resources in the County.


Documents & Presentations

This page contains all documents and presentations created as part of the Sustainable Development Plan, as well as numerous other relevant SOCPA and partner agency documents that were used to inform this planning process.


Relevant Links

This link will direct you away from the Sustainable Development Plan website and forward you to the Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency’s link webpage, which provides an extensive list of community, government and planning-related web links.