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Livability & Society

The Livability & Society element examines the relationships between development patterns, quality of life, and social equity in Onondaga County.

Livability focuses on the human element of place that shapes a community’s quality of life. It incorporates a wide range of factors, including the built and natural environments, economic and educational opportunities, access to life’s necessities and other community assets, healthy living, social stability and equity, and cultural, entertainment and recreation possibilities.

The overarching goal of this element is to ensure that development in Onondaga County is based on providing a high quality of life and standard of living for its citizens. This should occur through the strengthening of social and cultural assets, the improvement of our health through design, and access to and full participation in those assets and amenities that make a community more livable

Several issues and opportunities relating to Livability & Society were identified over the course of the planning process. A sample key findings is provided below. To review the complete report, follow the link to the right.

Key Findings

  • Many of the County’s older urban communities have an aging and deteriorated housing stock. Many of these homes are located in neighborhoods with concentrations of poverty and characterized by neglected and empty houses, buildings, and neighborhoods.

  • According to the NYS Department of Health, nearly two out of every three adults in Central New York are considered overweight or obese. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of accessibility to amenities such as parks and schools, as well as grocery stores or farmers markets.

  • The negative perception of urban schools is driving the locational decision for many families. This has created a negative feedback loop that removes resources from urban school districts, further reinforcing this negative perception.