path for a sustainable future

Project Partners

We would like to extend our thanks to our many Steering Committee members for generously donating their time, energy and enthusiasm to the planning process for the Sustainable Development Plan. Their leadership role in our community and unique knowledge base provides valuable perspective to the planning process and in the development of public policy regarding how our County is to define our future under a common vision. The purposes of the Steering Committee are:

  • To provide SOCPA staff with a broad-based advisory group of community representatives who share an interest in a vibrant, sustainable metropolitan region;
  • To provide policy guidance and serve as a sounding board throughout plan development;
  • To provide knowledge, expertise and perspective during plan development; and
  • To provide leadership and support of the plan and its adoption and implementation, both at the regulatory level and within the community at-large.

A complete list of our Steering Committee members for the Sustainable Development Plan can be found to the right.

We also want to acknowledge our project partners for their support and assistance in bringing the Sustainable Development Plan to fruition. Links to each of our project partners are provided below.